St. Vincent de Paul NobleCause Website Redesign

St. Vincent de Paul NobleCause is a revered community resale shop located in the vibrant heart of Noblesville. It serves a dual purpose: offering a variety of goods to the public and channeling all proceeds into funding its critical food pantry. The organization sought a comprehensive rebrand and website overhaul to better articulate its mission, engage the community, and enhance its capacity to attract donations, volunteers, and patrons.
St. Vincent de Paul NobleCause Website Redesign



Feb 2020
10 weeks
St. Vincent de Paul NobleCause Website Redesign


As the project’s lead, I spearheaded all aspects of the redesign process—from initial concept development to the final implementation. This encompassed a broad set of responsibilities, including:

  • Design & Architecture: Crafting a user-centric website layout that aligns with modern usability standards while reflecting SVDP NobleCause’s compassionate mission and community spirit.
  • Front-end Development: Implementing the design in WordPress, using custom HTML/CSS and JavaScript to create an engaging, responsive user experience.
  • DNS Management: Overseeing the technical aspects of the website’s launch, including domain name system (DNS) configuration, to ensure a seamless transition and optimal site performance.
  • Brand Rebranding: Working closely with SVDP NobleCause stakeholders to revitalize the brand, ensuring it resonates with diverse audiences and effectively communicates the organization’s values and impact.


Strategy & Implementation

The project kicked off with a deep dive into SVDP NobleCause’s goals, target audience, and the challenges faced by the existing website. Key strategies included:

  • Engaging Design: Introducing a warm, inviting color scheme and intuitive navigation to foster positive user interactions.
  • Mission-Driven Content: Highlighting impactful stories and testimonials to showcase the tangible benefits of donations and volunteer work.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Optimizing the site for search engines and incorporating social media integration to extend the reach and influence of the NobleCause.
  • E-commerce Functionality: Facilitating online donations and purchases through a secure, user-friendly platform.
Home Page
Donate Page


The redesigned website has significantly bolstered SVDP NobleCause’s online presence, translating into measurable increases in community engagement, donations, and volunteer sign-ups. The intuitive design and enhanced content strategy have made it easier for visitors to understand the mission, participate in events, and contribute to the cause.

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