Shopify Website Audit and Remediation: The Bollard Shop

The project aimed to enhance the technical SEO framework of The Bollard Shop, without altering the site's core design and usability. Initiating with a detailed SEMrush audit, we embarked on a series of strategic website modifications. The endeavor focused on elevating the user experience, refining product page structures, leveraging insights from the HubSpot SEO tool, and bolstering site health metrics via HubSpot, SEMrush, and Shopify analytics.
Shopify Website Audit and Remediation: The Bollard Shop
Shopify Website Audit and Remediation: The Bollard Shop


  • SEO Audit: Conducted a comprehensive analysis to identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Audit Remediations: Implemented targeted strategies to address and rectify identified issues.
  • Content Restructure: Reorganized site content to improve navigability and SEO performance.


Our interventions have led to remarkable improvements across several dimensions, underscored by analytical data from Shopify:

  • Order Volume: Witnessed a 117% increase in orders week-over-week and a 17% increase month-over-month.
  • Site Engagement: Achieved a 14% uptick in total sessions alongside a significant leap in sales (1216%) and orders (233%).
  • Conversion Rates: Doubled the conversion rate, illustrating a 104% improvement.
  • SEO Health: Enhanced the site’s SEO health from 87% to 95% post-remediation, as verified by SEMrush audits.
  • Issue Resolution: Reduced SEMrush-identified site errors from 46 to 0, and HubSpot SEO tool recommendations from 1,025 to 427.

Technical SEO Highlights:

  • Product Page Optimization: Updated pages to align with established SEO best practices while preserving the user interface.
  • Theme Update: Progressed from theme version 7.0 to 11.0, integrating new features and optimizations.
  • Menu and Navigation Enhancements: Refined the site’s navigational structure for better user engagement and SEO alignment.
  • Metadata and Accessibility: Focused on complete metadata implementation and ensuring accessibility compliance.


The comprehensive SEO audit and subsequent remediations have markedly propelled The Bollard Shop forward, showcasing a tangible uplift in performance metrics and user engagement. The strategic overhaul not only improved the technical SEO landscape but also preserved the essence and usability of the website, affirming our commitment to delivering solutions that are both effective and user-centric.