Keramida K-Port Client Portal: A Custom AMS Design Overview

The K-Port client portal was conceived to address the intricate needs of EHS management through a seamless digital experience. This project entailed the creation of a dynamic, secure, and highly intuitive portal designed to foster efficient client interactions and streamline compliance processes.
Keramida K-Port Client Portal: A Custom AMS Design Overview


via — Counterpart (WDD)


Jul 2017
20 weeks


The K-Port client portal introduces an array of features designed to enhance the EHS management experience:

  • Compliance Calendar: Custom-tailored to each client’s specific EHS compliance obligations and tasks, offering a personalized approach to compliance management.
  • Automated Reminders: Deadlines come with automated reminders, ensuring that both clients and KERAMIDA staff are proactively informed as deadlines approach.
  • Document Storage and Sharing: Task-specific functionalities allow for efficient file sharing and document storage, simplifying the documentation process.
  • Permissions Management: Robust permissions management capabilities ensure that access to information and functionalities is appropriately controlled.
  • Real-Time Inspections: The portal facilitates KERAMIDA’s ability to perform and document inspections on-site, in real-time, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of EHS management practices.


Spearheading the UI/UX design and front-end development using the Bootstrap framework, my role was instrumental in shaping a portal that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Design Philosophy

The design of the K-Port client portal was driven by a commitment to user-centric principles and a deep understanding of the specific challenges faced by those managing EHS compliance. Every aspect of the UI/UX design, developed through the Bootstrap framework, was meticulously crafted to provide an intuitive, engaging, and productive user experience. By focusing on simplicity, clarity, and ease of use, the portal empowers users to navigate their compliance tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Impact and Value

The Keramida K-Port client portal redefines the standard for EHS management tools. By offering a solution that is not only functional but also highly user-friendly, it significantly improves the efficiency of compliance processes, enhances client satisfaction, and positions KERAMIDA as a leader in EHS management solutions.

We have been happy, not just with the final product, but the process along the way. We felt like [Counterpart] was really looking out for our best interests. That’s been the foundation of the partnership we’ve built.
Wesley Fleming

Project Engineer