Indiana High School Athletic Association-MyIHSAA Custom AMS Design

As the lead designer, my responsibilities were multifaceted, encompassing prototyping, leveraging the Bootstrap framework for a responsive front-end, architectural planning, and conducting user research to ensure an intuitive user experience. My dedication to crafting a solution that resonates with the users' needs was paramount, guiding every decision from concept to deployment.
Indiana High School Athletic Association-MyIHSAA Custom AMS Design



Nov 2018
24 weeks
Indiana High School Athletic Association-MyIHSAA Custom AMS Design


  • Comprehensive Solution: MyIHSAA serves as a central hub, facilitating a myriad of functionalities including athlete registration, official credential management, tournament applications, official rating by coaches and athletic directors, report generation, and SMS reminders for deadlines.
  • User-Centric Design: With a focus on responsiveness and accessibility, the portal ensures that users, regardless of their role or location, have seamless access to the information and tools they need.
  • Impactful Outcomes: The redesign and functional enhancements of the portal have led to significant achievements, including a 10% increase in applications for boys’ basketball tournament officials, highlighting the platform’s role in boosting participation and engagement.


In a collaborative effort with the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA), I spearheaded the development of MyIHSAA, a pioneering association management system (AMS) tailored to streamline and enhance the administration of high school sports across Indiana. This project transcended the conventional boundaries of AMS by offering a holistic business solution, meticulously designed to support the IHSAA’s vast operational needs.


The success of the MyIHSAA project not only elevated the operational efficiency and user experience for the IHSAA but also contributed to a prestigious accolade for Luke Morehead, IHSAA Technology Director. His visionary leadership and the project’s impact were acknowledged with the 2018 CTO of the Year award by the Indianapolis Business Journal, underscoring the transformative effect of MyIHSAA on the realm of high school athletics administration.


The MyIHSAA project stands as a testament to the power of innovative design and technology in redefining the management and administration of high school sports. Through a user-centered approach and a commitment to excellence, this custom AMS has not only achieved its goal of streamlining operations for IHSAA but has also set a new benchmark for engagement and accessibility in sports administration platforms.

I LOVE the build! This is quite a change from past process, but so much more inclusive of valuable information during the assigning process, which [before] was captured and referenced via a spreadsheet.
Sandra M. Walter

IHSAA Assistant Commissioner