Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network Website Redesign

This website was commissioned to enhance the online presence and resource accessibility of the Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and retaining talent in Hamilton County via job opportunities, career development, corporate networking, and more. My involvement spanned the full spectrum of website development—from initial concept design through to launch. This multidisciplinary project allowed me to showcase my expertise in UI/UX design, web architecture, front-end development, domain name system (DNS) management, search engine optimization (SEO), and custom post-type creation.
Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network Website Redesign


Jun 2020
8 weeks
Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network Website Redesign


The primary objectives of the website redesign were to:

  • Improve User Experience (UX): Create a more intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly website interface that caters to the diverse needs of job seekers, employers, and educational partners.
  • Enhance Visual Design (UI): Implement a modern, visually appealing design that aligns with the Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network’s branding and values.
  • Optimize for Search Engines (SEO): Improve the website’s visibility and ranking on search engines to increase traffic and user engagement.
  • Streamline Content Management: Develop custom post types and optimized content architecture to facilitate easy content updates and management by the network’s team.


My Role and Contributions

  • Design & Architecture: Spearheaded the UI/UX design process, focusing on creating a seamless and engaging user journey. Developed a comprehensive site architecture that supports easy navigation and maximizes user engagement.
  • Front-End Development: Implemented the design using cutting-edge front-end technologies, ensuring the website is responsive, fast, and accessible across all devices and browsers.
  • DNS Management: Managed DNS settings to ensure a smooth transition during the website’s launch, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.
  • SEO Strategy: Crafted and executed a robust SEO strategy, focusing on keyword optimization, meta-tagging, and content strategy to boost the site’s visibility and ranking.
  • Custom Post-Type Creation: Developed custom post types to streamline the content management process, allowing for efficient updates and additions to the website’s resource offerings.


The redesigned website for the Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network marks a significant step forward in enhancing the digital resources available to the workforce community in Hamilton County. The project not only revitalized the network’s online presence but also established a solid foundation for future growth and innovation in serving its mission.

By leveraging a user-centric design approach and modern web technologies, the project has significantly improved user engagement, increased website traffic, and enhanced content accessibility. The strategic SEO efforts have elevated the site’s visibility, making it a pivotal resource for workforce development in the region.


This comprehensive website redesign project underscores my holistic skill set in web design and development, from conceptualization through to execution. It exemplifies my ability to blend aesthetic design with functional excellence, creating digital experiences that engage and inform. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I am committed to leveraging my skills and expertise to drive meaningful digital transformations for organizations like the Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network.

Blue Sky Creative has provided excellent service for the Hamilton County Workforce Innovation Network.  Their willingness to listen to our thoughts about our strategies was most appreciated, and their skillful development of effective strategies went far beyond our expectations. The entire BlueSky Creative team - Lori, Rachel, Shea, Shannon, Rechelle, Nicki, Mike, and Rob - are great to work with.
Dr. Dan Clark, Ph.D

Vice Chancellor, Ivy Tech Noblesville and HCWIN Vice Chairman